forecast for Jan 28th until feb 1st:

We are having a very fun sized WNW swell common during next week. Unfortunately there will be very little energy from the SW during those days. The energy from the SW is going to be perfect to help better the shape at witches with the crossed up WNW swell, but it will not be enough to have Ollie’s Point breaking.

Witches Rock is one of the only selected magnets in Central America that handles swells from the WNW. A proper WNW swell means epic Witches Rock.

The WNW swell I am talking about comes in strong at mid day of the 29th. Apparently this pulse peaks on the 30th and continues healthy on the 31st. Reports are sating 2-3 ft at 20 sec from 330 deg. If this hits us right this could mean everything from head high to DOH barrels at Witches Rock.

For this week we will have southwest swell in the water, Wednesday is the best day of the week, then the swell will continue until Thursday with great energy, and start dying on Friday. We will have great conditions for Witches during the weekend, and at Sunday afternoon we will received a new swell for Ollie’s Point,

Boats available!