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    Surf Lessons Tamarindo

    Surf Lessons in Tamarindo

    Try a surfing lessons in Tamarindo for one of the best ways to experience the the high seas! Tamarindo Beach area is world famous for its waves and you will not want to miss out on learning to stand up on a board like a real pro during your visit to Costa Rica!

    The professional surf instructors really know what they are doing and will give a safety briefing and tips on how to get you standing and catching a wave during your very first lesson. Be sure you feel comfortable in the surf and know how to swim.

    The lesson takes about 2.5 hours and is tide dependent. We provide individual, private and group sessions at a secluded part of the beach. Please note, children under 10 will need to take a private lesson for one on one attention.

    We provide foam boards. There are other boards available for rental after your lesson.